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Friendship- something hard to define but extraordinary when gained.

It’s interesting the different way people view friendship, or the way people interact. Some people in life seem not to care, some care too much. Then there is the balance of those in the right or in the wrong, those who forgive easily, those who don’t. Then there are the people that need to be forgiven constantly and those who do everything to try not to step on people’s toes.
Friendship, whilst people say its not vital and I have to agree, you may be able to survive without it but it certainly makes life a lot easier and a lot more enjoyably. But what makes a true friend? Someone who’s been through stuff with you, someone you meet up with on occasions, someone who cries with you or someone who laughs with you? When it comes down to it each friend is different and then you get the test of your close friends, those who will do all of that with or for you. 
This weekend I saw my ‘friends’, people I’ve known for years. There are those that get angry, those that cry, those that pretend and act like they are fine and those who make themselves fine. There does however seem one infectious cure to it all and that’s the unavoidable symptom of friendship that is laughter. To be pushed into an uncontrollable fit or to have tears stream down your face out of hilarity is something that makes friendship one of the most amazing things in the world.
Old friends are great, to know that you can go back after a period of time and to be able to relax in someone’s embrace and let them tell you that you’ll be ok makes the world seem a lot less heavy. The moment when a smile can’t help but be shared because to see that person again means that you can be assured to have fun, to be safe and that you are around people that accept you the way you are, your odd little habits and unique traits. The people that have known you for years through your odds and lows but still choose to come running at you with open arms.  Old friends are the best and not to be let go of lightly.
And then there is the sad part of friendship. The moment when a friendship changes and not in the best of directions.  When all you want is for that break that seems inevitable never to be reached but you fighting single handedly is no way to fix a friendship.  The memories and the good time, sure they will never go, none the less it would be nice to continue to have them.  If I reach out with my hand when you need it I need to know that you’ll lend me yours too.
Friendship cannot be a one sided thing both people need to want it to exist. You can’t have a friendship only when it suits someone. That is not how friendship works. A friendship once breaking needs to be earned back.
What if a person was to turn around and say “I miss our friendship”?

What happens when a person no longer wants to be another’s friend anymore. How do you know when it is time to give up or time to keep fighting?

Friendship is incredible but as most incredible things are; friendship is complicated. 

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