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Wishful kisses

If I could reach inside my mind and pull you out,
You would be here in this moment.

That feeling like something is missing,
That ache for your embrace,
Would be satisfied in an instant with you coiled against my side.

Your lips they would brush against me,
As mine would dance against your skin,
The change in rhythm doesn’t change the song,
The meaning is always the same.

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He told himself only one

The glass sits empty on the table,
The ice it falls into liquid, 
As it sleeps at the bottom of the glass. 

One more drink his friend says, 
No more drinks would his head have said,
If it was earlier that day. 

But his stomach is all ready full,
His head it whirls, his laugh it pulls,
And so to his feet he climbs,
Step and slide he makes his way,
Again to the bar once more.

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