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If I Could Photograph Your Smile

If I could photograph your smile,

I’d lock it away for safe keep.

Forever locked in that moment,

Frozen in that good time.


Let us stop,

Pause the world on that image,

So that we may be forever smiling,

Forever holding hands.


When people say all good things must always come to an end,

They lied.

All good things are permanently treasured in our minds.


It would be a tragedy if through the fighting we forgot,

Forgot the smiles and the laughter,

The easy play, easy breath,

That came before the tears.


If I could I would steal a piece of the puzzle,

Just one thought from your mind,

My mind travels to your thoughts,

Yet I know not if yours are on mine.


In my head I would like every breath I set free,

To be stolen by you once more,

But my head knows that my heart,

Should not be so ready to be torn,


If I could go back an hour,

I would find that moment where you smiled,

I would hold it for as long as I could,

And then lock it away as mine.


- Silent Scribe

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